About Rahel

Coaching from an experienced nonprofit leader.

What values will you center in your leadership? How will your organization move forward? What else do you need?

My background includes many years of social justice and anti-racism work, peer-to-peer counseling practice, and experience with strengths-based models. These all influence my coaching approach, rooted in a firm belief that each of us is brilliant and resourceful, with the internal wisdom and capacity to shape our own path.

With 20 years as a nonprofit and business professional, I’m familiar with human resources, finances, and operations. I’ve experienced firsthand the daily trade-offs and challenges faced by executives and leaders at all levels.

As your coach, I will partner with you to explore, to vision, and to identify next steps — for you, for your organization, and for your team. Let’s cultivate the change you want to see in the world!

I’m trained in a Healing Centered Coaching model which centers the experiences of people of color and historically marginalized communities. I’m a white ally, primarily coaching BIPOC leaders within the nonprofit community. I also coach white allies actively working against racism. Repairing ourselves and repairing the world go hand-in-hand.

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